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Portfolio : Entitlement Management
Comcast Titan EarthstationDads Section 5 LandfillRed HawkStetson HillTimbers at the Pinery Dads Section 5 Landfill
Arapahoe County, Colorado

City and County of Denver, Department of Environmental Services
Waste Management of Colorado
City of Aurora, CO

Project Summary
— 800 Acres
Rezoning Section 5 and a portion of Section 32 to allow Arapahoe County to issue a Landfill Certificate of Designation and permit the future expansion of the existing Denver, Lowry Landfill.

  • Entitlement Management
  • Rezoning from A-1 to AE
  • Control Center Facility
  • Coordination with Denver, Waste Management, attorneys, engineers, surveyors, and Arapahoe County Planning
  • Preparation Of Zoning Documents
  • Public Processing
  • Neighborhood Open House
  • Public Hearings

The property is located in Arapahoe County. Ownership was divided among an Environmental Trust and a group of private entities. The adjacent landfill is owned by the City and County of Denver, and managed by Waste Management of Colorado.

The rezoning and landfill designation were based on a land transfer wherein Denver will obtain ownership of Section 5 for future landfill operations and Aurora will obtain portions of section 4 to expand the Aurora Reservoir open space corridor.

The rezoning and certificate of designation for a landfill were approved in 9 months.

Dads Section 5 Rezoning

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