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Portfolio : Entitlement Management
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Entitlement Management is the term Plan West coined to describe how we successfully navigate the public process to establish the entitled development rights for specific parcels of land. Our approach is based on a commitment to build strong communities and quality neighborhoods. Our process is inclusive and pro-active. We believe in searching for potential objections and finding reasonable solutions to perceived obstacles. Our success is measured in expedited approvals.

Plan West uses a collaborative process with our clients and a team of professionals to prepare alternative solutions that meet the market requirements and local municipal expectations. We reach out to the agencies and neighborhoods that may be impacted and look for the community benefit of a proposed development project. We have proven that an open, sincere dialogue with municipal staff, agency personnel and neighborhood residents builds confidence and credibility. Our goal driven approach removes obstacles, builds support and obtains approvals.

First and foremost, Entitlement Management at Plan West is driven by a commitment to help shape the built environment into places that are memorable and projects that are financially sound.

  • Strategic Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Team Coordination
  • Zoning/Public Processing
  • Neighborhood Negotiations
  • Public Hearing Presentations
  • Marketing and Presentation Graphics
Entitlement Management

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