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At Plan West, the point where site design ends and landscape architecture begins is often blurred. Often, Landscape Architecture is an extension of the planning process but can be a unique design process unto itself. Either way, we believe the art of Landscape Architecture defines the human character of a place and provides the environment that creates a comfortable living condition.

Landscape Architecture includes the detailed design of site features. This may include the details associated with a unique paving design in a pedestrian plaza, or the material selection and design of retaining walls, fences, trellises and arbors. Other design features include entry monuments, outdoor recreation facilities, or a unifiying, community street tree program. Landscape Architecture almost always includes the detailed planting design to help define, reinforce and complement the site design.

The detailed elements or unique features of our landscape architectural designs strive to reinforce the overall theme of the site plan while providing the project with a memorable project character. Our experience shows that thoughtful detailing and memorable site images can help provide a project in the short term with a unique style and market advantage, and in the long term with enduring community character.

Whether an extension of a site planning process for a community master plan, a residential neighborhood, or an individual building, we approach our landscape architectural commissions with respect to the limited western water supply. We are committed to create attractive projects with comfortable surroundings within a sustainable landscape environment.

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Landscape Architecture

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