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Portfolio : Entitlement Management
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Single Family Subdivision

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Lennar, US Home, CO

Project Summary
  • Project Summary
  • 950 Acres
  • 3008 Single Family Lots
  • 82 Acres Commercial
  • 34 Acres Office
  • 38 Acres Elementary School
  • 132 Acres Common Open Space Park
  • Site Planning Master Plan
  • Detailed Site Design
  • Entitlement Management
  • Rezoning To PUD
  • Public Processing

US Home had partially constructed Stetson Hills based on a 1980's design. Plan West was assigned to provide updated site planning and design to create shorter streets and identifiable neighborhoods. A linear park and trail system was added to link the activity center to the community. Commercial areas were configured to enhance their development potential. As always, in Colorado Springs, views of Pike's Peak are an essential element for successful community design.

Mixed use community in the foreground of pike's peak.
Mixed use master plan.
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